Blackbaud Merchant Services

Make Email Notifications available for all users, not just admins

The new BBMS portal needs to allow access for all users, not just admins, to set Email Notifications as was available in the old website so one can receive emails for 1) Suspect transactions; 2) Online transactions; 3) Mobile transactions; 4) Large suspect transactions; and 5) Fraudulent transactions

  • Therese Morris
  • Mar 16 2022
  • Already exists
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  • Kaitlyn Downs commented
    5 May, 2022 08:04pm

    Hi Therese- there are options in Control Panel/Security to choose to give users View and Add/Edit access to just email notifications without the rest of Disbursement, Bank, or Contact details as shown in this screenshot. A user does not have to be an admin to see just that part of the portal. I'd be happy to reach out if I can help troubleshoot- we have not heard this feedback, so want to make sure that it is not a bug with your specific instance.

  • Therese Morris commented
    5 May, 2022 06:58pm

    It is only available to admins. It is no longer available to other users.

  • Kaitlyn Downs commented
    5 May, 2022 06:10pm

    Hi- this should be already available for users dependent on security role.

  • Elliot Falvert-Martin commented
    18 Mar, 2022 10:47am

    Hey, can't you do it via the roles area? see attached.