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Add an Email Notification for Gateway Declines - BBMS

We would like to setup a notification for Gateway Declines within BBMS, specifically when a payment has attempted to pay but has been declined (for whatever reason). Ideally this would mimic other current notifications like Chargebacks/Suspect Transactions with a frequency option of 'As it happens'.


Currently the only way to identify these payments is to actively check your account every day, if there have been a lot of payments - it can sometimes get missed for a day or two. 

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  • Oct 1 2019
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    Lee Turner commented
    November 15, 2019 16:37

    Hi there, thanks for your suggestion! Once you receive an email notification for a gateway declined payment, what are you expecting to do with that information? Knowing this will help us better understand the pain point that you're experiencing.




    Senior Product Manager, Payment Services

  • Maureen commented
    November 21, 2019 17:46

    This is a great idea. There are no notifications pushed from BBMS to the client about system failures and issues, an uptick in declines will allow us to identify if there is a problem with the system or if a recently implemented form was ill designed.

    Currently we have to be notified by donors that their credit cards are failing then we check the system status. Ideally a notification should be sent for all system failures or slowness but decline notification upticks would be a good workaround.