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Incoming payments cannot be above $50,000 per transaction. Why? This should be increased!

Right now, Blackbaud has a single transaction limit of $50,000. Which means nobody can send a payment to the school for more than this amount. Can we get this increased to $100,000 per transaction? I know there are plenty of boarding schools out there with full tuition and fees well over the $50,000 range, so I am surprised that Blackbaud has this limit. For example, if someone is trying to send you a payment of $85,000, it will get rejected. You then need to ask that person to send you one payment for $50,000 and then another payment for $35,000. There are two issues with this: 1) it should NEVER be more complicated than it needs to be when someone is trying to pay you; 2) I think it sends a message that the school's payment system is antiquated (even though it has nothing to do with the school and is simply a limitation by Blackbaud).

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  • Apr 21 2021
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