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Ability to customize specific bank statement descriptor when more than one BBMS account,

We have separate BBMS accounts for each of our vendors as we want separate accounts statements for reconciliation. Under the contact information, the statement descriptor is 1XXXX-1, 1XXXX-2, 1XXXX-3, 1XXXX-4, etc. which is our BB account code followed by the chronological order we opened the account. We would like the ability to change the last digits of the specific statement descriptors to something more 1XXXX-CRM, 1XXXX-WEB, 1XXXX-MDS, etc. to reflect a simple 3 digit reference of each vendor rather than the -1, -2, -3, etc reflecting the chronological order we opened the BBMS account. This way we could quickly look at the statement and know exactly which vendor that statement is reflecting.

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  • Apr 9 2021
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