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Increase security of bank account info in BBMS

The bank account information is very easy to change in BBMS and does not require dual approval. There is risk of an individual updating the bank account information to begin depositing funds in a personal account or simply an incorrect account, as it does not require a second person to authorize.

  • Nikki Caw
  • Oct 23 2020
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  • Admin
    Mina Mistry commented
    29 Oct, 2020 01:21am

    Hello and thank you for your feedback! At this time, if any details are modified for the bank account where funds are deposited, any funds paid out are paused until our compliance processes complete verification of the new bank details (including the documentation for the new account). No funds will be paid out until we have verified the account belongs to the registered organization.

    We do also support the ability to restrict permissions of who can edit that information.

    Please let us know if you think additional security measures over and above these are still important. For example, would specific notifications be useful to you? Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions!