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Investigate declaring Recurring Gift Indicator for Subsequent Recurring Gift Payments within Luminate Online

Within Luminate Online, we (Save the Children) process sustaining gifts. Luminate Online (one-time, Team Raiser, Sustaining Gifts) are all considered Card Not Present and therefore subject to Blacklisting rules.  Within BBCRM, which is considered a back office application, is not considered for Blacklisting rules. 

A merchant service should be able to submit a  recurring indicator, to signify auto-renew transactions. The MOTO indicator is used for eCommerce ‘starts’ but should not be used for subsequent payments.   The MOTO indicator vs. the Recurring Indicator also impacts the level of scrutiny from the banks.  A recurring indicator impacts the algorithm which authorizes installment payments - where as the MOTO indicator may require additional validation resulting in additional declines.  

Can BBMS investigate submitting a recurring indicator to avoid blacklisting rules and improve likelihood of subsequent installment payment success?


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  • Jan 22 2019
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  • Apr 19, 2019

    Admin response

    Recurring transactions sent to Blackbaud Merchant Services already leverage the recurring indicator for the card networks. Blacklisting rules within Blackbaud Payment Services are only triggered for these transactions when the response value returned indicates that we shouldn't attempt to charge that card. For instance if the bank network responds that the card is lost/stolen we will blacklist that card in accordance with brand regulations.

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