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Improve the acknowledgement email by saying "thank you."

Another poster has suggested that the acknowledgement email sent after payments are made via Mobile Pay or BMS Virtual Terminal be customizable.  I would love to see that as well.  If that is not possible, simply adding a "thank you" somewhere in the text of the email would be an improvement.  I would imagine that would be appropriate for the vast majority of processed payments and gifts.  Thank you!

  • Michelle Dahl
  • Nov 14 2018
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  • Lee Turner commented
    19 Nov, 2018 02:45pm

    Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for this suggestion! We agree that customization would be helpful for sending MobilePay and Virtual Terminal transaction acknowledgements. Although I couldn't give you a timeline today for when you might see it, we do have the intention of providing enhanced acknowledgement capabilities and will be sure to incorporate your suggestion.