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Please add an addenda/descriptor with the merchant number included.

With the previous platform we were able to identify which amount cleared in the bank belonged to which of our department. This was because in the bank download right next to the amount deposited you could see the merchant number included in the description of the amount. This merchant number then is tied to different departments.
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  • Oct 1 2018
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  • Gisela Alexander commented
    21 Apr, 2019 05:36pm

    Thank you very much in advance for adding at least the last four digits of each merchant account number when submitting disbursements to our bank account.

    Gisela Alexander
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  • Jimmy Cudzilo commented
    16 Apr, 2019 03:21pm

    We have multiple BBMS accounts – seven to be exact. Some of those accounts point to the same bank account, but let us split the money into different virtual buckets. Our bank statements used to read


    …where the ###### was each BBMS’s unique account number.

    Within the past year, our bank statements now read:


    This has caused more work because my Business Office has to log into each BBMS account to run the disbursement report on each account to figure out which bucket the deposit should represent.

    While annoying, and causing the reconciliation process to take more time, it was OK; the deposits are still coming and we do have a method of reconciliation. We noticed this week that we now have the option in some of our BBMS accounts (not all) to move to a daily deposit option. My Business Office will absolutely 100% never voluntarily move to a daily deposit if the bank deposit descriptions aren’t switched back to include the BBMS account numbers.

    We just want to have a deposit descriptor that is useful and goes back to saving us time, not costing us time. It’s especially concerning because this change is preventing us from seriously considering moving to a daily deposit model. I don't understand why the description repeats (in italics in the second example).

  • Gisela Alexander commented
    5 Mar, 2019 05:24pm

    Please add back to the bank statement at least the last four digits of the BBMS merchant account number.  This information is needed every time a disbursement is posted in our bank account.  We reconcile daily our operating bank account and every week that we receive disbursements for multiple merchant accounts, we have to login on each merchant account individually to print the disbursement report in order to identify who the funds belongs to and it is affecting and delaying our reconciliation process.  Thank you in advance for your immediate consideration to add back the missing information.

  • Guest commented
    8 Nov, 2018 07:22pm

    The gift dates absolutely need to be put back in the addenda/description

  • Erin Byrne commented
    29 Oct, 2018 09:33am




    There was a change when we upgraded our back-end platform to a new version and these were purposely removed. We removed the dates from the description BUT added them to the disbursement reports and the assumption/client feedback was that this would help with reconciliation.


    That being said, there is discussion in our IdeaBank on adding them back (and please feel free to add your voice/opinion

  • Deleted User commented
    26 Oct, 2018 07:40pm

    Sorry for the confusion and trouble this is causing everyone.  We're looking into adding additional detail back to our disbursements.

  • Guest commented
    4 Oct, 2018 05:36pm

    It would also be helpful to include the gift dates in the addenda again. That helped our finance department identify which transactions were included in each deposit. Now they may require additional reporting from us.

  • Jen Nelson commented
    3 Oct, 2018 07:48pm

    This is causing great pain with our finance office.  Other credit card processors were able to change the descriptor to be meaningful, the fact that this is not modifiable maybe a deal breaker for using BBMS for both gifts and event registrations.