Blackbaud Merchant Services

In addition to a donation, have an option for the donor to pay the credit card fee if they choose.

This capability is now available via eTapestry and RE NXT, with plans to extend to more Blackbaud solutions soon.

  • Wendy DeCicco
  • Aug 23 2018
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  • Faith Murray commented
    29 Dec, 2021 04:50pm

    There is a second Idea about this same topic, called "Pass on CC Processing fees to donors". These two Ideas should be combined.

  • Casey Hammons commented
    4 Oct, 2021 05:32pm

    PLEASE MAKE THIS AN OPTION, BLACKBAUD. This is just another one of many features we didn't know we were giving up when we switched to Blackbaud. We thought surely it would be included in one of the longest-running CRM softwares available. We have had donors who were used to paying the fees with our last software ask about continuing to cover them. They've been disappointed when we tell them it's not an option. Not to mention how much it hurts our organization to pay the fees when we wouldn't have to.

  • Guest commented
    5 May, 2020 05:09am

    I am a new user trying to gain experience , i am not sure how to vote for this idea. I would like to vote in favor of this.

  • Guest commented
    20 Apr, 2020 06:04pm


  • Guest commented
    22 Nov, 2019 07:54pm

    We have also found that donors are willing to do this when given the option and would love to be able to add it.

  • Guest commented
    17 Jun, 2019 08:31pm

    We have found that donors are often willing to do this when given the opportunity, and we'd love to offer that option to our donors.

  • Deb Allen commented
    25 Jan, 2019 04:59pm

    We would like to be able to pass credit card fees on to parents who are enrolling and paying tuition & fees using OnBoard.