Blackbaud Merchant Services

Please Add a New Feature/Alert - Suspect Duplicate Cardholder Submission/Payment

Please consider adding a new feature/alert in all Blackbaud applications for the customer/cardholder in the event that an identical submission/payment is made to the merchant services gateway.  This feature/alert would notify cardholders immediately if a transaction/payment of the same amount was submitted back to back through the application, and require the customer to confirm that the second submission/payment was indeed their intent.  There are no current safeguards in place and we've had several duplicate payments submitted in error, because the cardholder did not realize that the first payment was successfully submitted. (Some cardholders had a delay in the automatic email receipt delivery, while others may have received only one notification all together).  

The time frame for refunding those duplicate payments back to the cardholder's account via the bank approval process is also not a quick process, especially if the payment was made via a Direct Debit/ACH draft. 

Please consider adding this safeguard to the initial payment submission, so that we can better serve our customers.

Reference Support Case #14223002 for further details.


  • Amy Newton
  • Jul 24 2018
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