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Connect Online Express form to MobilePay

I'd like to see an integration of our mobile Online Express form that we use on our website so it's available to use with MobilePay.  That way, all gifts processed by BBMS would be in one place for reporting, etc.  Also, it would afford an opportunity to collect additional information about the gift/donor via the Online Express form that MobilePay can't do.  I can not express to you how frustrating it is that we can not collect this info.  I even tried creating an event and using the Event Management App, but it doesn't allow Attributes to be added to the transaction -- or variable gift amounts (we have to assign gift amounts in the Event set-up that are then listed in the app's form. Donors can choose to multiply that gift amount, but we'd rather they be able to enter their own gift amounts -- who are we to dictate the amount of their gift?). Additionally, the Events Management App doesn't mesh with MobilePay.  WHAT'S THE POINT?!?  All of these services should be integrated and seamless.  

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  • Jun 6 2018
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  • Guest commented
    21 Oct, 2019 06:46pm

    Hi Clint.  We are using GiveSmart for event transactions.  It is not a perfect platform for what we need, but it allows us to collect donations or fees and use a credit card swiper.  We use the platform for its other features as well (event check-in, silent auction bidding, etc), but have several events that are simple collection type activities.  Let me know if you have any additional questions.

  • Clint Boswell commented
    21 Oct, 2019 06:37pm

    Hi Carrie. Thank you for the feedback and we are continuing to research how to integrate MobilePay with RENXT forms. Would you mind sharing what platform you've had to start using?

  • Guest commented
    17 Oct, 2019 04:55pm

    We have had to move away from Blackbaud Mobile Pay because of most of these issues.  We would love to use our NXT donation forms or our a JustGiving form with a credit card reader.  Would solve about 85% of our issues that we have when collecting donations and fees.  Instead, we have to use another platform with another merchant and then move those transactions.  To have all of those mobile transactions just flow into a batch would save us a ton of headaches and collect donor information is what we really need.

  • Lee Turner commented
    8 Nov, 2018 09:39pm

    Hi Ken, thanks for your feedback. I completely agree that all of these services should be integrated and seamless. This year we've delivered an integration between MobilePay and Luminate Online/TeamRaiser forms that we expect to apply to our other fundraising applications and payment forms. I don't have a timeline for you yet for when it will be available for Online Express/Raiser's Edge NXT users, but we are currently exploring options for making MobilePay available for you and we'll keep you posted as those plans take shape.