Blackbaud Merchant Services

Link Individual BBMS Account to a Fund or Funds for Automatic Recurring Gift Processing

Our funds are segregated by fund type and then bank account.  So annual fund (unrestricted funds) go into Bank account A; Scholarship Funds go to Bank Account B; Capital Funds to Bank Account C and so forth.  Each has their own BBMS account.

So when we process recurring gifts or pledge payments; we generate the appropriate gifts in batch and then select the correct BBMS account before EFT'ing those payments.

Having an automated system would be WONDERFUL . .  but there needs to be steps in place, when setting the automated feature up, to ensure that gift processing goes to the correct BBMS Account.  It seems logical to link  Fund A to BBMS Account A. 

If multiple funds are processed by the same BBMS Account, you should be able to select multiple funds.

Give users flexibility.  If you don't need or have multiple BBMS accounts, no problem.  All funds are processed by one BBMS account.  But if you do have multiple BBMS accounts, there needs to be a way to establish linkage so that automatic gift processing will work much more efficiently than it does today.

  • Brian Bates
  • Feb 27 2018
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